Where’s My Flying Car?

Have you ever had this conversation with anyone? “We don’t invent anything anymore. We don’t create like we used to” I think at some point I probably started that conversation myself. Yesterday I was talking to someone and I have flipped on my position. Hear that politics? I am officially a flip-flopper! I used to think that things had not changed in years. After all, I had a cell phone years ago. I had computers and devices, Bluetooth in my car. Nothing has really changed …. or has it? Let’s start with the obvious. High speed internet. It wasn’t long ago that we all were on dial-up. Ok, yes, I admit that it’s been a while but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really that long. I currently get 200mb coming into my house. Google fiber and AT&T Gigapower have gigabit speeds at reasonable prices.

So, big deal you say, I had DSL growing up and it wasn’t as fast, but it was good enough. Jeff, that’s not a significant change in anything. I disagree. How long ago was it that the term cord-cutters was invented for people who don’t want or need to pay ridiculous prices for TV? High speed internet allowed a DVD mail order company to stop renting DVD’s and make all of their money streaming movies. Of course, I’m talking about Netflix. Now they make some of the best movies and series on TV. What about your favorite you-tuber? There was no such thing. Now anyone with a talent has the possibility to become famous on YouTube. Speaking of streaming, what about the thousands of people making money from Twitch? Without high speed internet, we could never support streaming of games plus webcam video. Now that we’re talking about games, want that new game for your console or your Mac/PC? Just download it. The PS4 and Xbox One, all support downloadable games and add-on content, and before you start telling me your old Wii used to download content, you probably still bought games on disc for the most part. For the PC there are services like Steam. Really cool, no more losing or scratching your game disc, just download it. New computer? No problem, download it. All because of high speed internet! If you go see the new Star Wars movie, make sure you see it at a digital 4K theater. It looks amazing, and they download all of their movies. So I think things have changed a lot in recent years. I am only mentioning things that happened because bandwidth became faster and cheaper. Who knows what’s next. We did get ripped off on our flying cars, but at least we are enjoying so many things we didn’t have just a few years ago. Leave a comment and let me know what things you realize you do or use today that wasn’t around a few years ago.

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