Why work for someone else?

From the time we are little and our parents ask us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We start painting a picture for our professional self. It starts at a very young age. Elementary school Teachers tell us that we better shape up because middle school teachers wont be as tolerant. When we get to middle school we realize that, yeah, it’s a little harder, but not that much and the Teachers there are already warning us about how tough it’s gonna be in high school, and how those teachers will just hand out an ‘F’ and not care. Eventually, we get to high school and while some teachers fit that mold, most do care about what they do and we get offered extra help if we need it. It’s not always too hard to hand something in late. Some Teachers even let you re-take a test you did poorly on. That’s not what the middle school told us! High school even tells us to prepare for college. Something we probably can’t do because we didn’t know at that time what to exactly prep for.

Ahh, but I’ve skipped the point here. There was something else going on the whole time that was there, but I skipped right over. It goes back to when your Parent asked you what you wanted to be. Then all throughout school it was about learning to be a <insert your preferred career here>. But they always seem to leave something out. It’s implied that you need to stay in school and get a degree and jump into the workforce. Do your forty hours plus a week and live the American dream! There it is! Sometimes it’s a sub-context, but the idea of getting a job and putting your career to work is part of going to school. There are actually laws for private schools that require a certain percentage of graduating students to get assistance getting a job. The school is actually penalized or in extreme situations can be closed if they don’t get you a job!

I have a question though. Why work for someone else? Why get programmed from the time you are little that you have to get a job at a company and be happy? Simple answer is, you don’t. Millennials and Gen-Y’s seem to get it. BNP Paribas reported that twice as many Millennials are becoming entrepreneurs as the Baby Boomers before them. It’s easier than ever to create a business. Technology allows you to do what used to take a lot of money and time. Now you can take your idea from beginning to completion without leaving you home (at least in certain types of businesses). You become your own boss. You dictate your schedule. Decision that you make directly affect you, so you will care about every one of them. When you get your first happy customer, it will make your whole day! Your life will be filled with things you feel passionate about and fulfill you. For these reasons and many more, you should look into being your own boss, owning your own company and opening up your life to new possibilities. I’m not saying it’s easy and I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but if you just read this and you want help getting started, stay tuned. I’m going to be starting a series on how to do it. Step by step. Building a business the smart way, minimizing risk and knowing you are taking the right steps as you move forward. Even if you don’t have a good idea, there are so many options. We will explore together how to find those ideas and how to hone our skills. If this sounds like something you want to do, then I ask you again, “Why work for someone else?” Watch for my new series Step-by-Step Startup …. coming soon.

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  1. Karan Sharma
    August 29, 2017

    Awesome. Now looking forward to the new article, Jeff. All the best!

    • September 15, 2017

      Thanks! Lots more to come. Hope you enjoy!

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